We were looking for a “change of pace” motivational/humorous/informative/entertaining speaker for our annual conference for individuals involved in the securities and investment field. Brian was all of that and more. Attendees became active participants in the session as Brian’s presentation included many real-life examples and is more of an engaging one-on-one conversation as opposed to a speech. We received many positive comments about Brian and his presentation and would recommend him for all audiences. It was a session that no one wanted to see end.
Dave Paulson, EOI Management Inc.

We brought Dr. Brian Udermann onsite to conduct three presentations for our staff as part of our wellness program. He connected with our staff through his use of humor and his down-to-earth presentation style. Staff enjoyed laughing and interacting with one another during the presentations. Dr. Udermann’s ability to educate us while making us belly laugh was a gift we enjoyed receiving!
Michelle Wright, Calumet County

After a long first day at conference, Brian was the perfect presenter to end the day! It truly was a pleasure to listen to him. He has a great way of incorporating humor into his presentation while giving you the tools to balance work and life. My only regret is giving him only 1-hour to speak. With his knowledge and expertise, Brian could easily fill a 2-3 hour time slot. Look forward to working with him in the future!
Angela Froiseth, Wisconsin Association of Benefits Specialists

We needed someone to do two things: give us some help on managing stress (in a way that didn’t feel preachy or boring) and get us in a positive frame of mind for doing some planning and strategizing. With his program “Is Laughter the Best Medicine” Brian accomplished both things.
Marnie Dresser, University of Wisconsin-Richland Center

Brian, On behalf of the La Crosse Occupational Safety & Health Council (LAOSHC), thank you for presenting at our membership luncheon meeting. Your topic “Enhancing Safety with Better Health” was received well by our members and guests. I appreciate the way you were able to “engage” the audience and talk openly about being happy at your jobs sometimes begins with happiness at home. The presentation certainly shared ways to laugh more and improve overall health!
Scott Sklenar, La Crosse Area Occupational Safety and Health Council

Brian was the perfect speaker for wrapping up our conference, sending our attendees home with a smile on their faces and laughter in their harts. He offered a positive message with a light touch.
Kathy Eastman, Iowa Cooperatives for Energy Efficiency

Brain spoke at our Leading with Power group. We have had a lot of great speakers through our doors and Brian was one of the best. Brian had a great talk about the balance that we need in our work, family and life. The way he communicates his talk to the crowd is uplifting and funny. When you leave, you feel better about yourself and ready to take on life as it comes. Brain is great and I would recommend him to any size group or organization out there.
Tony Szak, Leading with Power

We had the privilege of having Brian join us as the End Note speaker for the annual Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association conference. From the very start of his presentation, he had the audience engaged and laughing as he related his message to experiences from his own life. He was a powerful speaker for our group to end with because we spend so much of our time focused on the leisure and wellness of those we serve that we forget to balance those things in our personal lives. Brian definitely ended our conference on a high note, leaving our attendees energized to serve not only others, but also our own well-being.
Derek Donlevy, Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association
If you want to laugh and learn how to bring that laughter into your life, Brian Udermann is your guy! Brian spoke to our Annual State Conference for Wisconsin Representatives of Activity Professionals and hit it out of the park. And this audience knows not only how to have fun but how to bring others ‘into fun’! This group deals with literally life and death situations and they need life balance and reminders about what is important in life and to others… and Brian did just that. And the best part is that Brian is “real” and “genuine” and evokes a sense of positivity and “can do” attitude by looking, seeing and appreciating the little things. Thank you Brian!!
Cindy Tewalt, Wisconsin Representatives of Activities Professionals
The Wisconsin County Clerks Associations conference attendees were thrilled with this interactive program. Brian is no ordinary presenter. Of course we didn’t know that before he started. Surprise! You get swept away with his interactive activities and quizzes. Entertaining and so informative. He promoted health and wellness in a unique way. We wish we could have had him all day. I highly encourage you to invite him to speak to your organization!
Cindy Cepress, Wisconsin County Clerks Association
I recently recommended and had Brian in to speak to the Greater Madison Area SHRM members this summer – Improving Employee Productivity Through Health Humor and Happiness. As the largest HR professional association in the nation, we have exceedingly high expectations. Brian was outstanding. The room was full; we set him up for success and let him go. Not only did he provide us with the fabulous delivery we expected, but strong content in a relevant and humorous package. We received great ideas, transferable knowledge and delivery that were one of a kind. I would not hesitate to bring Brian back to Madison, or to recommend him to your organization.
Dan Loichinger, Greater Madison Area SHRM
The group was fully engaged throughout the presentation. I even had a few people ask me if I was the one that found Brian. They were so impressed by his ability to share a great message all the while making them laugh out loud!
Erica White, United Life Insurance
Brian presented at our annual Frontline Staff Appreciation training about work-life balance. We always strive to offer our staff something they can apply at work, as well as to their personal life. Brian did just that and in a way that kept everyone involved and engaged. His presentation style is very fun, approachable, interactive, and most of all, FUNNY! I’ve had staff approach me since the training to tell me they thoroughly enjoyed Brian’s presentation because it gave them relevant information they could easily apply to their lives, and they felt like he was talking to them, not at them. Thanks Brian, you helped make this year’s event a success!
Diana Cukla, La Crosse County
Brian was the closing speaker at our annual human resources conference. His message of health and wellness resonated with the group who thought his message was entertaining, informative and engaging. With excellent overall evaluations from the event participants had comments that included:
• “Loved this – interactive, insightful, fun and most important…lots of laughs! Great way to end the conference!”
• “This was a great end to the conference. Brian was hilarious, and we are considering bringing him in for a future professional development day at our bank.”
• “Excellent tips for work and home … great way to end the conference!”
Thanks again for speaking to our group, sharing your message, and ending the conference on a positive, uplifting note.

Darcy Burnett, Iowa Bankers Association
Brian was an incredible addition to our wellness-focused Personal Development initiative this year. Not only did he inform us all of benefits of sleep, proper diet, and exercise, but he bust common myths, all with a personable and hilarious delivery reminding us throughout how crucial laughter is to our health. We all laughed, learned, and thoroughly enjoyed his time with us.
Beth Lenherr, Advisors Excel
Brian came to our hospital’s quarterly leadership meeting and presented a full day workshop on wellness and work-life balance. He brought great ideas to our group of healthcare workers and his style and sense of humor made the day go by quickly. He also worked into his presentation a wellness initiative that our hospital was rolling out to our own staff. The added publicity of this initiative and all his great subject matter will help to keep our momentum as we work towards improving the health of our patients and our staff.
Dan Berkner, Hutchinson Health
I had seen Brian at another conference and invited him to speak at an All Staff meeting for the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Portage County, WI. This was not the same old boring talking heads presentation we so often have for meetings. The staff truly appreciated his humor and how much laughter there was during the presentation. The comments I received from staff afterwards were not only about how much they enjoyed it, but also how impressed they were by the research that backed up what he had to say.
Cindy Piotrowski, Aging & Disability Center of Portage County, WI
Brian was our guest speaker at our team offsite (a group of healthcare directors and managers). Brian’s high energy, humorous, and actually quite informative – presentation was a great way to incorporate fun, laughter and enjoyment into our otherwise – healthcare related agenda! It was a great opportunity for our staff to just “sit back, relax, and enjoy the show”! What a great way to begin the afternoon – especially right after lunch – he had the group’s full attention from the beginning to the end!!! The interactive portions of the presentation kept the group engaged and connected, great for team building. Received very positive feedback. We would recommend him to anyone looking for an entertaining, light-hearted addition to their day’s agenda.
Kraig Schuster, Gundersen Health System
We had the great fortune to have Brian present at our Aging & Disability Professionals of Wisconsin (ADPAW) fall training. Our focus was about taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. Brian shared health myths and tips to create better balance in our lives using real-life examples interwoven with down-home humor that anyone can relate to. He has a genuine caring manner and kept us engaged by keeping the program interactive…and did I say funny? He really “gets” it, and we’re really glad we “got” him!
Mary Updike, Aging & Disability Professionals Association of Wisconsin
Dear Brian, Just a note of thanks from the Fennimore Area Chamber of Commerce for a wonderful motivational workshop! Your energetic presentation and jokes were a hit with everyone. Brian you brightened all of our spirits showing us ways to reduce stress through laughter and smiles! We also enjoyed your son Jacob’s participation in the workshop showing no matter what your age or occupation its up to each of us to use your suggested strategies so we can regain the healthy balance we all desire in our life! We would certainly encourage other organizations work with you!
Linda Parrish, Fennimore Chamber of Commerce
Brian recently spoke to our administrative professionals’ team about work-life balance. Brian’s presentation was great! Not only was he humorous, engaging, and enthusiastic, but he was able to get our audience to actively participate in the presentation and gain beneficial knowledge about personal health and well-being. We had team members say that it ended too soon—which you typically don’t hear with 90 minute presentations! From a planning standpoint, Brian was extremely responsive, professional, and organized. Book Brian for your group–you will not be disappointed!
Brooke Koch, Schenck SC
Brian was our closing luncheon speaker for our Wisconsin State Annual Risk Management Conference. Brian used humor and wit to help the audience understand how balancing work, with life, is crucial to overall happiness. In addition to this balance, how important it is for us all to laugh! The comments we received regarding Brian’s presentation were excellent and I’m so thankful we had Brian on board, to make our conference an overall success!
Laura Ellingson, Wisconsin Department of Administration
If you are looking for an on point , humorous and inspirational speaker, we highly recommend Brian Udermann. His combination of humor, information and a polished presentation made a great impact on the 190 men we had gathered for Brian’s 45 minute lunch presentation. Brian was very relatable and connected well with the full range of audience. I’m sure we only saw the tip of the iceberg as to the topics he could be counted on to deliver! Very fun guy too!
Keith Tompkins, Leading With Power
Brian was the speaker for our Tri-County Human Resource Association meeting. He and his co-presenter and son, Jacob, were fantastic! His program is interactive, engaging, interesting and fun. It was great to add a little humor to our day and to bring that back to our offices. Our participants were 100% satisfied and we will definitely invite him to speak to our group again in the future.
Sarah Sieglaff, Tri-County Human Resource Association
Fantastic-What a fun person. Brian and his son Jacob, enlightened over 150 Lions at our convention with his wit and humor. He turned health related topics that can be confusing and frustrating into informative useful information. Some of the information was surprising to most, because it was not what we were brought up to believe. Change is difficult but Brian’s interactive presentation about the misconceptions, kept us laughing. What a great way to start our convention. If you are looking for a dynamic motivational speaker I would recommend contacting Dr. Brian Udermann.
Gary Brummeyer, Chair Lions District 27-E2 Convention
What a wonderful way to start the day!” Our employees said over and over again when Brian came to our Employee Celebration at Merchants Bank. What we need is more laughter in the world and more laughter in the workplace! Brian’s light-hearted wit and wisdom was the perfect amount of fun and energy we needed to start the day with an a new “skip in our step”! The engagement with the staff was outstanding – being able to get a group involved and learn in a fun and energetic way regarding our health, is what Brian is all about.
Kristine Valk, Merchants Bank
If you’re looking for a charismatic speaker who makes learning about health and wellness fun, book Dr. Brian Udermann today. His high-energy, interactive presentation grabbed our audience’s attention and his clever humor kept us laughing while we learned. By busting common health myths, Dr. Udermann empowered us to improve our own health and well-being through making simple lifestyle changes. It was entertaining, eye-opening, and highly motivational!
Annie Hock, Fox Cities Chapter of Credit Unions
Dr. Udermann was by far one of the most captivating closing speakers our regional conference has ever had. His entertaining wit was heartfelt and relevant to our attendees. He engaged the participants and left everyone with a positive mindset towards personal health and well-being. What a great wrap up to our conference!
Brian Hobbs, National Environmental Health Association Regional Conference
Brian’s presentation “Was Mom Wrong?” was a great way to begin our Vital Aging Conference. This humorous and lighthearted session set the stage for an enjoyable day spent learning about new ideas in aging. We hope Brian will come back next year!
Noreen Holmes, La Crosse Aging Unit
Brian provided very useful facts in his session at our conference. The information was presented in a fun way, with great energy and a nice tone that kept everyone’s interest. Conference attendees gave Brian excellent reviews!
Deni Hazell, USDA Interagency Conference
Dr. Brian Udermann recently presented his program on putting humor in your life as part of our Mondays at Main series. A capacity crowd of older adults laughed and enjoyed his examples and anecdotes on the importance of laughter and well-being. Although this was a more mature crowd, his program and myths topic could be enjoyed by all ages. Comments included “uplifting”, “entertaining”, “Stress relieving”, and “ended too soon”.
Patricia Boge, La Crosse Public Library
Brian Udermann was the featured speaker at our Lions Club District Convention in La Crosse, WI. His topic related to various health myths that we all seem to hold. His presentation was highlighted by having all participants take a quiz related to the myths he was discussing. It was very interactive and informative. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and it was among the highest ranked presentations at the conference. His presentation would be appropriate for many varied audiences. Brian has the ability to inform and entertain an audience. He is highly recommended as a speaker.
Art Mason, La Crosse Lions Charities
Dear Brian, On behalf of the Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters, I want to express my appreciation for the time you took to speak at the WAHU Fall Sales Conference at the La Crosse Convention Center and your fantastic presentation. You were a big hit! Audience participants said things like:

* Great message on health * Great presentation – loved that he made it fun! * Engaging speaker with great content * Very upbeat and energizing speaker with great information * A great way to end our day! * We would absolutely hear you again! Participants have told us this was the best WAHU conference they have participated in more than a decade. Thank you again for taking the time from your busy schedule to provide such a knowledgeable presentation. I look forward to working with you again.
Alice O’Connor, Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters
Brian Udermann was the presenter at our all-staff employee recognition program in March 2012 and did an outstanding job. He informed, challenged, and entertained our staff with his presentation of health myths. He speaks from the perspectives of parent, teacher, and husband – as well as a health and wellness expert/author. In preparation for his presentation, Dr. Udermann took the time to understand our employee wellness program and identified health risks. Brian Udermann has the hearty endorsement of the School District of Onalaska.
Larry Dalton, Onalaska School District
Dr. Brian Udermann gave a presentation to our Rotary District Conference. It was a general audience – folks of all walks of life over a fairly broad age range. He had the toughest position – speaking right after lunch. His presentation was entertaining, informative, and very definitely kept the audience fully engaged. I would definitely recommend Brian as a presenter to anyone.
Bill Hoel, Rotary Club of La Crosse
It is my pleasure to recommend Dr Brian Udermann as a guest speaker to your event. Dr Udermann presented with his son Zach to our cancer support group and we found them to be a dynamic duo. Dr Udermann’s Powerpoint presentation was thought provoking and enlightening. I also recommend you get a copy of Dr Udermann’s book, “25 Ways to Cure the Hiccups.” I am confident that you will be very satisfied with Dr Udermann’s performance and I strongly recommend you invite him to speak. We plan to invite Dr Udermann and Zach back to a future cancer support group meeting for some more entertainment.
Richard Nesbitt, Coordinator Prostate Cancer Support Group – Marshfield Clinic
Dr. Udermann was the perfect speaker for our Forum! He kept everyone’s attention and made us laugh throughout his entire presentation. I strongly recommend Dr. Udermann and would love to have him as our speaker again in the future.
Samantha Hampton, Wilson Law Group
Dr. Udermann did a terrific job with our group! His relaxed style and engaging personality kept us focused and encouraged participation. The exercises and materials Brian presented certainly contributed to developing a stronger sense of ‘Team’ within the group, which is really what we were after. I heartily recommend Brian and would not hesitate to use him again.
Mark Cimeley, Franciscan Skemp Healthcare
Brian spoke to our college group at our church and it was outstanding. Brian had excellent content, superb delivery, and appropriate humor. To be honest, he had the students “in the palm of his hands”. I also know Brian personally. Brian is a man of integrity and character. He deeply values his family and is a good father and husband. You will be blessed by Brian and his speaking abilities.
David Holt, Senior Pastor – First Evangelical Free Church